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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Online Trading Sites - 3 Places to Trade Without Fees

Are There Really Ways to Trade
without Commissions or Fees?
Savvy day traders these days have found free online trading sites that offer ways to use small capital investments in a way that does not involve fees or commission. Here we will look at some of these alternative platforms and elaborate on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Binary Options

The first platform we will look at is the typical binary options site. Normally these fixed high yield / high risk contracts pay out 70%+/- on daily or hourly investments depending on the duration of the investment. The great benefit for users of this type of platform is that it (like the others reviewed here) does not charge any transaction fees or commissions. Whereas one could normally expect to pay anywhere from $3 - $10 typically on a stock trade (plus spread) for each traditional stock or option trade - and invest in increments of $1000+. Contrast that with the binary options broker, who would not charge any fee or commission and would allow investments in increments as small as $10 (to perhaps as large as $3000 per contract). It does not take a lot of analysis to figure that this type of trade is much more efficient for small capital investors.

Barrier Options

Similar to binary options are barrier options. While the binary contract tends to be one sided in nature (up or down), a barrier option site works differently. The contract on these types of free online trading sites involves either a one side, two side, inside, or outside range of values where the contracts fall in the money. A buyer can pick the inside of a range, outside the range, or the top or the bottom of a given range. Algorithms belonging to the barrier options broker will determine the strike prices and yields for each contract. The buyer of the investment pays no fee nor commission nor spread for the privilige of trading. This is very popular as a means of hedging against price swings in long (or short) positions of the underlying securities.

60 Second Options

Yet a third type of high yield, high risk addition to the list of free online trading sites is the 60 second options platforms. These platforms can offer yields similar to the previously mentioned free sites but with a duration lasting just 60 seconds. It is without question the highest turnover rate of capital imaginable short of high frequency trading bots. A 60 second options broker can offer lot sizes as small as $5 to perhaps as large as $2000 depending on the dealer.

Free Course on High Yield Short Term Investing

For more information on trading any of these types of securities, please sign up for a free trading course on binary options. In the course you will learn about each of the above securities in detail and be shown basic strategies and methods for constructing positions, hedges, and using simple statistics and basic probabilities to improve profitability.