Welcome to our Options Trading Tutorial. Options trading is all about understanding leverage and trying to get the highest return investments to pay out in the shortest amount of time. You'll find that in this tutorial we delve into other related topics where leverage is important in order to improve your understanding of why options trading in most cases offers a better trading experience than other forms of trading.

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Learn Options Fast

Many people come to me wanting to learn options fast. The problem I tell them is that I can give a quick and dirty run down of how to learn options fast but that won't necessarily give them what they want. What most people really ought to be asking me is how to use option trading to make money quickly - because that is what most people really want. I will take a few minutes to describe how to do both.

What the Average Person Needs to Know about Option Trading

The average person usually does not engage in option trading however those willing to study a few basic ideas have the opportunity to make money. The first barrier most people face is the language barrier. Traders have their own language and it is not familiar to non-traders. Options trading terms like bid and ask, call and put, spread, strike, and expiration may all sound like English language words to you but the take on an entirely different meaning in the trading pit. If you do not know the meaning of those words, you won't make money trading, period.

How to Make Money Quickly Option Trading

Buying and selling contracts like options is a great way to make money quickly but there is (at least) and equal likelihood of losing money. The way I explain to people how to make money quickly option trading depends greatly on how much capital they have to use to start. With enough capital ($25,000 and up) it's possible to try a number of different option trading strategies, although even with a good capital base I typically suggest starting small and simple. This has the advantage of building up a knowledge base first. I almost think it better to start off as if you have no money to invest. This gives the trader the ability to learn options fast by making a lot of small low cost trades before taking bigger capital risks.

How to Learn Options Fast with No Money

It is possible to learn options fast without spending a lot of money if you know where to look. The key to getting a fast start is by using simple strategies in small dollar amounts to minimize the risk while you learn the basics. While books on the topic delve into the deep technical aspects most people don't need to get into that in order to make money - in fact complex formulas are far more likely to turn people off. That's why the simplicity offered by alternative contracts such as binary or barrier options instead.

One of the ways beginner option traders are learning the basics is by using cheap trading contracts called binary options. It allows new traders to make money quickly without the learning curve associated with regular options.